Top Five Fun Facts: September

Eric DesRoberts

Constantly sifting through articles, blogs, regulations, and documents about packaging brings you to some dark and lonely corners of the internet, but it also exposes you to interesting and somewhat esoteric pieces of information. As a packaging and sustainability enthusiast, I find myself treading water in the deluge of information and acronyms, and I thought it would be nice to share some of the fun facts (which include facts, near facts, and interesting claims) that I come across. This is the first of a series of monthly posts that will summarize information I’ve discovered on my journey to better understand products and packaging.

In no particular order, Fun Facts for September:

1. 2010 marked the first year in which average daily PC sales exceeded one million. I am writing this from a PC purchased this year.

2. Up to 85% of US corn and 91% of soybeans are genetically engineered. The US plants about 80 million acres of each.

3. A recent Canadian study found 585 different indicators reported across 94 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reports. Ten of the indicators were shared by more than 20 of the reports, and only three indicators were shared by over 40 reports.

4. Eliminate 11 wood pallets from your supply chain and you save one tree. Remove 20 lb. of solid waste from your supply chain, you save one gallon of gas. Remove five lb. of solid waste from your supply chain, you save nine gallons of water.

5. The number of oil rigs operating in the US is the highest it has been since the late 1980’s. They pump roughly 5.6 million barrels per day.

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  1. Daniel Meininger says:

    This man may be the one who leads us from the dark ages….just sayin

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