Top Five Fun Facts: November

Eric DesRoberts

Eric DesRoberts continues his monthly series of facts and tidbits he’s uncovered during his research to better understand products and packaging. You can also check out his Fun Facts: October.

1. The US collected 1.5 trillion pounds of post consumer PET bottles in 2010 with the gross recycling rate for PET bottles reaching 29.1%. There was a 50 million pound jump in collection as a result of deposit program expansions in Oregon, Connecticut, and New York.

2. Global meat production has tripled since 1970 and increased by 20% since 2000. Pork was the most widely produced meat in the world, at roughly 109 million tons in 2010. Runners up include poultry, beef, and sheep.

3. In this highly entertaining KAB video series, it was pointed out that more than one million tons of aluminum gets improperly disposed each year. This equates to enough material to rebuild America’s air fleet every three months. America Recycles Day is coming to a location near you November 15!

4. In 2010, global vehicle registrations passed the one billion mark. The US had the largest number of registrations at 239.8 million, with a vehicle to population ratio of 1:1.3. China had the second highest number of registrations at 73.9 million units with a vehicle to population ratio of 1:17.2.

5. A report from Management Information Services, Inc. indicates that oil sources have received $369 billion in federal incentives from 1950-2010. Renewables (primarily solar and wind) received $74 billion and geothermal received $7 billion over the same time period.


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