Make Forest Products More Sustainable

We believe it’s possible to protect our forests and support a thriving forest products industry through informed, responsive corporate actions and innovation.

The Opportunity

The world’s forests support our environment, economy, and way of life. Yet, the world’s forests face immense pressure with an increasing world population.

Informed decision-making around forest product sourcing, manufacturing, end-use, and recovery can help address climate change, improve soil and water quality, enhance biodiversity, and protect and conserve one of earth’s most critical natural resources.

GreenBlue develops resources and seeks solutions for issues that span across the entire life cycle of forest products:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • Efficient use and conservation of raw materials
  • Conservation of natural systems
  • Clean production
  • Community and human well-being
  • Credible reporting and verification
  • Affordability

Our Approach

GreenBlue provides significant expertise and a proven track record of innovative, collaborative work with the forest products industry. In 2009, we acquired Metafore, a nonprofit focused on environmentally preferable wood and paper products. Building on this work, GreenBlue has brought together leading forest products buyers and sellers to promote greater understanding of the key issues throughout the supply chain and to develop resources to help companies take practical steps to meet these challenges.


Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products

Often what’s needed when discussing sustainability is a common language. The launch of GreenBlue’s Forest Products Working Group “Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products” provides just that, helping build a bridge by focusing on the life cycle of paper products.

Forest Products Working Group

Positive transformation through supply chain collaboration. The Forest Products Working Group brings together leading companies that rely on paper, wood, and other forest products to share their knowledge and develop innovative solutions to support thriving forests and the forest products industry.
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Improving performance through smarter purchasing. EPAT® (Environmental Paper Assessment Tool) is a web-based application that allows buyers and sellers of paper products to evaluate the environmental performance of paper along the supply chain.

Paper Life Cycle

Promoting education and understanding. The Paper Life Cycle is an online resource that provides key environmental information about the sourcing, production, use, and end-of-life of paper, including analyses, trend reports, white papers, case studies, and fact sheets.