Forest Products Working Group

GreenBlue’s Forest Products Working Group brings together leading companies that rely on paper, wood, and other forest products to share their knowledge and develop innovative solutions to support thriving forests and the forest products industry.

The group, following the successful blueprint of GreenBlue’s industry-leading Sustainable Packaging Coalition, launched in October 2011 with diverse representation across supply chains and industries.

Our Approach

The Forest Products Working Group takes a unique approach to corporate sustainability by bringing together stakeholders to address unmet challenges in the forest products sector. Our members pool their collective knowledge and resources to identify solutions that work for business, people, and the forests. Led by an independent sustainability nonprofit, the group is committed to science-based solutions.

In this approach, the Forest Products Working Group focuses on seven desired outcomes that encompass the life cycle of forest products:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • Efficient use and conservation of raw materials
  • Conservation of natural systems
  • Clean production
  • Community and human well-being
  • Credible reporting and verification
  • Achieve market criteria for performance and cost

Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products

Often what’s needed when discussing sustainability is a common language. The launch of GreenBlue’s Forest Products Working Group “Guidelines for Sustainable Paper Products” provides just that, helping build a bridge by focusing on the life cycle of paper products. Download →

Founding Members

  • Avery Dennison Corporation
  • Avon Products, Inc.
  • Bank of America
  • Catalyst Paper
  • Domtar
  • HAVI Global Solutions
  • Sappi Fine Paper North America
  • Staples


The Forest Products Working Group will work on a variety of projects each year to develop resources and conduct research on best practices and technological innovations.
For its inaugural project, the group is designing a set of clear, science-based guidelines to inform decision-making for paper design, procurement, use, and recovery.

Additional areas of potential future work include addressing the need for more sustainably managed forests, increasing the quantity and quality of recovered fiber, and exploring the benefits of alternative and wood fibers


Our membership represents leadership companies from multiple industry sectors. Any company that relies on forest products to meet business objectives—including paper suppliers, consumer product goods companies, retailers, publishing companies, and building product manufacturers—is invited to join the group.

Member Benefits

  • Opportunity to participate in all project work and introduce new project ideas
  • Access to all resources developed by the group
  • Complimentary attendance to two annual Forest Products Working Group meetings
  • Participation in bi-monthly conference calls
  • Opportunity to connect and collaborate with other members
  • Demonstrate corporate leadership in improving the sustainability of forest products

Become a Member

Membership in GreenBlue’s Forest Products Working Group is open to any for-profit company, government agency, or academic institution that supports the goals and principles of the group.

Membership dues are progressive and based on annual revenue:

  • Corporations – $25 billion revenue or more: $15,000
  • Corporations – $1 billion revenue or more: $11,000
  • Corporations – $10 million to $1 billion revenue: $6,000
  • Corporations – Less than $10 million revenue: $2,500
  • Government Agency: $1,000
  • Academic Institutions: $1,000

For more information about membership, please contact us via email or 434.817.1424 ext. 325.