Make Packaging More Sustainable

We believe that packaging systems can be developed to promote economic and environmental health through a sustainable flow of materials.

The Opportunity

Packaging spans all product categories and plays a critical role in our economy. Yet, packaging also consumes resources, contributes significantly to the waste stream, and can pose health risks.

GreenBlue works toward a true closed loop system where all packaging is:

  • Sourced responsibly
  • Designed to be effective and safe throughout its lifecycle
  • Meets market criteria for performance and cost
  • Made entirely using renewable energy
  • Is recycled efficiently to provide a valuable resource for subsequent generations

Our Approach

Through our work leading the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, GreenBlue brings together companies from across the packaging supply chain to collectively develop resources and implement packaging solutions. Since 2004, we’ve delivered results-oriented projects and cutting-edge education that have established the coalition as the leading global voice on packaging sustainability.


Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Creating a vision and finding solutions. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition® is an industry working group of companies across the packaging supply chain dedicated to a more robust environmental vision for packaging.


Guiding better decision-making. COMPASS is a web-based application that compares the human and environmental impacts of packaging designs using a life cycle approach.

How2Recycle Label Program

Harmonizing information. The SPC has launched a voluntary national label program to communicate about the recyclability of packages to consumers.

Sustainable Packaging Metrics

How are we doing? A simple question, but the answer entailed an extensive research and engagement to develop a comprehensive set of metrics to help companies measure progress toward the coalition’s definition of sustainable packaging.
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Essentials of Sustainable Packaging Curriculum

Changing behavior through education. This course, which has been taught to hundreds of business and packaging professionals, details how sustainability criteria can be effectively integrated into the packaging development process.
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Closing the Loop

Developing better systems. This GreenBlue research project—funded by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery with support from the SPC— promotes more effective material recovery systems by connecting packaging designers with available recovery options.
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Design Guidelines and Design Library

Innovation through design. The SPC authored a framework to approach sustainable packaging design – highlighting best practices, adaptable strategies and reference materials – as well as an online design library to showcase best practices and new innovations.
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