Author: Danielle Peacock

Seahawks & Mariners & You, Oh My!

What do the Seahawks, Mariners, and GreenBlue have in common? Sustainable packaging (and Seattle, of course). The Sustainable Packaging Coalition Spring 2014 Conference is heading to the home city of Super Bowl and sustainability champion, the Seattle Seahawks, this March 25 – 27th. While most of the celebration in Seattle last night and today surrounds their Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos, sustainability professionals are … More

FTC Takes Landmark Enforcement Actions on Green Guides Violations

A few weeks ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced enforcement actions against five companies making deceptive claims for biodegradable plastics, marking the FTC’s first action against biodegradable plastic claims since publishing their recently revised Green Guides. One of these companies, ECM Biofilms, Inc., is a biodegradable additive producer, while the other four, American Plastic Manufacturing, CHAMP, Clear Choice Housewares, Inc., and Carnie Cap, Inc., … More

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Celebrates America Recycles Day with a Look at How2Recycle Milestones

On this America Recycles Day, GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) celebrates America’s commitment to recycling by taking a look at How2Recycle Label milestones. Sustainability is a journey that relies on good design, accessible infrastructure, and consumer understanding of what, where, and how to recycle. Sustainable Packaging Coalition member companies and staff identified a need for consistent on-package communication about recyclability of a package. Though consumers … More

The “Plastic Numbers” Get a Makeover

Resin Identification Codes (RICs), also known as the “plastic numbers” or “recycling numbers,” are getting a makeover. Contrary to popular belief, a RIC does not equal “recyclable.” RICs are plastic identification codes developed in 1988 by SPI. The goal of RICs was to assist recyclers in identifying materials. They were never intended as a consumer communication tool. However, consumers and local recycling programs quickly adapted … More

Carbon Neutral Wine, Without Compromise

“What we’ve really tried to do here is produce great wine, which is something we are not willing to compromise on but do it slightly differently…” – Simon Back The National Academy of Sciences expects climate change to shift wine producing regions over the next 40 years. While vineyards like Backsberg Estate in South Africa seek to prevent and mitigate some of these impacts, a … More

Grove to Recycler Student Video Contest Winners

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Industry Leadership Committee on Consumer Education and Outreach would like to congratulate our first and second place video contest winners! Their videos were both creative and informative, and we are pleased to share the results. Industry Leadership Committees bring together members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition around a topic of interest. This spring, the ILC on Consumer Education and Outreach held … More

Confusing Packaging Labels: Salt

Last week, NPR food blog The Salt published a story on low-sodium claims with a familiar theme: clear and meaningful on-package claims. On-package sustainability claims are an exciting way to share our work with consumers. The Sustainable Packaging Coalition explores claims through education in the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging course, the Meaningful Marketing Claims Industry Leadership Committee, and the How2Recycle on package recycling label. However, … More

My Top Sustainability Wishes for 2013

Happy New Year, In-the-Loop readers! In lieu of a resolution, I would like to start 2013 by sharing some of my top sustainability wishes for 2013: Designing for Success I look forward to seeing continued successes in targeting sustainability during the design phase. GreenBlue continues to work to make this process clear and easy so companies can understand the implications of their design decisions and … More

ReLoop: What is Mixed Waste Processing or “All in One/Dirty MRF” Recycling?

As part of our increasing work in recycling and recovery, Project Associate Danielle Peacock and Senior Manager Anne Bedarf continue their recycling blog series, ReLoop, which will address different recycling topics, questions, and concepts. You can check out other posts from the ReLoop series here. There are three primary ways to collect household recycling: source separation, single stream, and no separation from trash (or “all in … More

Achieving Universal Recycling Labels Through How2Recycle

This blog post by GreenBlue Project Associate Danielle Peacock originally appeared on the blog, which covers a variety of recycling topics. Read the original blog post here. Far too often, we see confusing and misleading (though perhaps hopeful) recycling claims on packaging. This leads to either false contentment with current recycling systems or cynicism on the part of the consumer. Unclear labeling, inaccurate recycling claims and variations … More