Author: Stephanie Fishwick

Film Biz Recycling

I’m sure some folks have heard of Film Biz Recycling before, but I found their mission and impact so compelling that I wanted to share. Film Biz Recycling is a non profit organization, creating socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste. They are tapping into an otherwise “hidden” area of waste generation; capturing stuff from film sets and stage productions that might otherwise … More

Sustainable Sounds: A Music Mix Part 2

Back in September I posted the first installment of a mix called “Sustainable Sounds”. I really enjoyed putting together the last one and promised a follow-up as there were just too many songs to fit in one post. Volume 1 was more literal (and rock / pop) while this second part is more of a mood mix made for relaxing. Whatever your favorite way to, … More

39 Landfills

39 Landfills 97 Nuclear Cooling Towers 77 Waste and Salt Ponds Every Basketball Court in Manhattan Artist Jenny Odell creates collections of things that she has cut out from Google Satellite View. The results are stunning. View more of her collections here.

Products of Design

The brand new School of Visual Arts MFA Product of Design Program created a video to solicit interest in the program. In 2005 I was seriously considering attending SVA because of the way the program is structured to think ahead about the field of design and its intersection with business, science, and ecology. Doesn’t this program look amazing? The faculty are obviously thinking about design in … More

Sustainable Sounds: A Music Mix

One of my hobbies is listening to music and reading about music and musicians. I have been utterly obsessed with music for as long as I can remember, and if the subject comes up about it you can bet I have an opinion! I like many different types of music but gravitate towards certain genres depending on the season or the mood I’m in. I … More

Design Inspiration from The Living Principles

I have been really impressed by the AIGA’s The Living Principles community. The site is chock full of new design thinking, critique, and resources, and it offers a window into what designers are saying about their own sustainable practices. We noticed that GreenBlue’s Design for Recovery Guidelines for Paper Packaging were recently highlighted on the site, so it was exciting to see that piece going … More