Guidelines on Presentation & Consultation Requests

GreenBlue is a nonprofit organization that equips business with the science and resources to design and make their products more sustainable.

We receive many requests for presentations at conferences and for consultations on sustainability topics. When we are able to accommodate such requests, which require a significant allocation of human and financial resources, generally the following conditions must be met:

Conference Presentations and Speaking Requests

  • The conference organizer is responsible for GreenBlue’s costs of round-trip travel to the conference location and any necessary lodging and meal costs.
  • Additionally, to cover preparation costs and time out of office, GreenBlue charges a fee typically ranging from $1,500 to $5,000 for each presentation (depending on the position of the staff member and other circumstances) although exceptions can be made. If multiple presentations are requested for a single event, this fee is charged per presentation.
  • The above fee applies to all webinars (excluding any travel costs).
  • If the event requires that a presentation be formatted to a specific PowerPoint template, GreenBlue charges $400 per presentation for additional design work.
  • GreenBlue staff book speaking engagements up to a year in advance. Requests for presentations should be made to GreenBlue as far in advance as possible, but generally at least three months in advance

Consultation Requests

  • GreenBlue staff members are occasionally asked to participate in informational interviews via telephone or email by companies and consultancies. These requests for information and advice will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but when GreenBlue staff are available and agree to the interview, a fee of $300 is charged for a call not to exceed one hour.
  • If the information and insight provided contributes to a report or resource, GreenBlue receives a complimentary copy of the report.
  • If the request for information exceeds a short phone interview, the request should be directed to GreenBlue Advisory Services, which provides one-on-one guidance to companies, industry associations, government agencies, and nonprofits seeking assistance on sustainability strategy development and implementation. Please direct requests to Katherine O’Dea at or 401.635.0300.